Franklin J. Garcia, LUTCF

Franklin J. Garcia, LUTCF

Owner / Broker

Frank Garcia, CSA, RSSA, initiated his journey in the insurance industry in 1984, bringing a client-centered service approach from the very beginning. Understanding that client satisfaction hinges on thoroughly comprehending each individual and company's unique needs and objectives, Frank has consistently prioritized personalized service. In 1996, he established InsuranceKO with the mission to extend his profound knowledge of the benefits landscape to business owners, ensuring they navigate the complex insurance market with confidence.

Over the years, Frank has honed his expertise in retirement planning and social security strategies, earning him the distinguished Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) and Registered Social Security Analyst (RSSA) designations. These credentials underscore his commitment to guiding clients through making informed decisions that align with their retirement goals, leveraging a deep understanding of social security benefits and retirement planning.

Outside of his professional life, Frank is devoted to his family, including his wife Lori, their four children, and six grandchildren. An avid enthusiast of fishing and hunting, Frank also dedicates time to church activities, cherishing moments spent with family. He is an active member of several organizations, including the Orange County Financial Society, the Brea and Yorba Linda Chamber of Commerce, and the Fellowship of Companies for Christ International. Frank's spiritual community at Crosspointe Church plays a significant role in his life, where he is an engaged member of the Prayer Group.

Frank's extensive experience, coupled with his dedication to service and community involvement, positions him as a trusted advisor in the insurance and financial planning sectors. Clients of InsuranceKO benefit from Frank's unique blend of industry expertise, ethical guidance, and a commitment to ensuring peace of mind in a complex marketplace.